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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for fertility care

Chinese medicine for infertility treatments works with the same principle as the general treatments -to stimulate the body’s natural healing system by treating root causes of dysfunction, rather than just symptoms.

In addition,properly practised Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture present no or little side effects; and even if it fails to address the problem of infertility, it will improve general health in many ways. 

Chinese medicine also can be combined with Western treatment to increase the chances of success and minimise the side effect. A widely published recent German study found that using acupuncture with IVF achieved a 42% clinical pregnancy rate compared to only 26% in the control group that did not receive acupuncture. When acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are used in conjunction with IVF, clinical experience suggests the pregnancy rate can be raised to at least 60%. 

The World Health Organization (WHO), the health branch of the United Nations, lists more than 40 conditions for which acupuncture is effective and infertility is one of them.

Chinese medicine, used along with Western treatments, minimizes negative side effects and accumulated toxicity from invasive procedures and drug therapies. 

Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture has been used to aid fertility in both women and men in China for thousands years and is becoming more and more popular in the western society.  These time-tested ancient techniques have the benefits for both female and male patients in: 

  • regulating the menstrual cycle
  • invigorating the sperm, raising low sperm count and motility
  • helping to overcome hormonal imbalances
  • eliminating immune system incompatibilities
  • easing tubal obstructions
  • relieving stress-related dysfunction