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Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) treats each person as a whole; It treats all four dimensions. TCM recognises the connection between body and mind and how the body and the mind affect and ultimately, transform each other. 

TCM can help conquer almost any illness or disease. The TCM diagnosis identifies the specific  "pattern of disharmony" in the patient, which is often the root, or cause of the problem. Every person has a distinct pattern. If several patients have the same illness, for example, migraine headaches, the reasons behind the headaches are unique to each patient. 

TCM and Western Medicine can work cooperatively. TCM complements many other types of treatment by creating the environment for quicker and accelerated healing. In China, it is common to seek TCM care after a major trauma (such as an automobile accident) to restore the body's balance and rejuvenate the mind. 

A core component of TCM is called vital energy (Qi), This energy flows through the body via meridians much like the way water flows through pipes. And when energy gets blocked, it can cause illness. So TCM practitioners work to unblock this energy and restore the body's natural ability to overcome illness. The root of the illness is removed, the body-mind balance is restored and proper functioning yields natural healing. TCM restores the balance by reactivating body's won healing mechanisms and it can improve numerous health problems, especially chronic illness. 

What is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)