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Dr. Jing is very professional and such a lovely person who made me feel at ease from my first consultation. The treatment that i received for my hormones problems was very effective. I also find her facial very relaxing and I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Jing.                  ---S Bryan

I have been receiving treatment intermittently from Dr Jing for many years. I have found her service to be professional and of the highest standard.  
Friends and family have also benefited from the various treatments and they have expressed their satisfaction of the care and service received, highly recommended.     - E. Ross  

"I have had a great deal of acupuncture over the years and often struggle to find good and more importantly consistent practitioners. For me it is just as much about the practitioners as it is about the treatment. Dr Ye has a warmth and unique empathy and professional commitment to ensuring that she gets to the root cause of the problem allowing the patient to come away feeling both physically and mentally revived which, is why I have kept going back there for 3 years. I currently live on the other side of town and still make a pilgrimage to the China Health Clinic as there is unparalleled treatment and service."-Alex


"I highly recommend cosmetic acupuncture with Jing. Thanks to her my skin is always smooth, glowy and youthful. The acupuncture itself is painless, and sessions are really relaxed. I always enjoy my time with her.  "  

-- Karen

​​“I have been  coming to see Jing for a variety of ailments, both emotional and physical, for over 4 years, as well as having some top-up holistic booster treatments along the way. The main therapy has always been acupuncture but I have also received Acupressure, cupping and also electrical pulse treatment for more severe localised pain. Jing is an excellent practitioner, who has an amazing knowledge and intuition as to the best treatment plan required. As importantly she is also a very friendly and lovely person with positive energy and is a joy to visit. I have always got better quickly after a few sessions and have taken my 3 daughters to see her too and also my partner and they all rave about the experience as well! Highly recommended!”    

- Giles

I was 9 months pregnant, overdue and showing no signs of going into labour. Dr Jing gave me acupuncture in the evening to help and labour stated at two in the morning. I have absolute confidence in Dr Jing. She is professional and extremely knowledgable. And most important of all it worked!

-- Emma

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